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To preserve Cantonese and promote the development of Cantonese kids songs, Miss Ka Foo and a group of Cantonese kids song composers and musicians are organizing the 'International Cantonese Kids Song Singing Contest.' The goal is to allow more children to enjoy the fun of Cantonese kids songs. Through this competition, children from around the world can come together through singing, appreciate the beauty of Cantonese lyrics, learn and exchange experiences from kids songs. This event aims to create beautiful and unforgettable memories for children everywhere. No matter where you are, don't miss out on this unique international event!

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Competition Categories

  • Hong Kong Kindergarten Junior Category (children born in 2021-22)

  • Hong Kong Kindergarten Senior Category (children born in 2019-20)

  • Hong Kong Children's Category (children born in 2013-18)

  • Overseas Category (children aged 12 or under residing outside Hong Kong)

Competition Format

Submit entry videos online

Song Requirements

Entries must be Cantonese Kids songs


  • Each category will have one winner, first runner-up, and second runner-up

  • All participants will receive electronic participation certificates and judges' comments

Registration Deadline


June 2, 2024, 11:59 PM (Hong Kong Time, HKT)

Result Announcement

  • June 10, 2024, via website and Facebook page

  • Winners will be individually notified

Entry Fee

Special offer HKD$250.00


Miss Ka Foo

  • Main judge of the competition

  • Hong Kong Cantonese Kids Song composer

  • More than 200 works

  • Works are widely used in Hong Kong kindergartens and overseas childcare institutions

  • Member of Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong(CASH)

  • Lecturer at EdUHK

  • Master of Education (Education Development, Special Education, Gifted Education, and Counseling)


Terry Ko

  • 153 Studio Music Director

  • Music producer in the industry

  • Hong Kong Cantonese Kids song composer

  • Member of Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong(CASH)

  • Master of Music Education (Dean's List)

  • MA in Alliance Bible Seminary (Sacred music)



  • Founder of Sunshine Nursery Rhyme

  • Has published two albums

  • With over 60 works

  • Has performed at major institutions and schools.


Locy Lee

  • Hong Kong Cantonese Kids song composer

  • Founder of the LLMC course

  • Cantonese and Music Educator

  • MA in Music Composition

  • Kodaly Music Educator

Professional judging panel


Whatsapp: (+852) 5931-3470

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