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Miss Ka Foo

Times Table Song

  • 100% Cantonese Pronunciation (Accurate Tone)

  • Correct usage of the unique characteristics of Cantonese with nine tones and six tones, advantageous for memorizing the multiplication table.

  • It diverges from the common rap format and truly employs music to aid memorization.

  • Various musical styles in the arrangement add to the fun.

  • Catchy and makes learning the multiplication table so easy.

Order on the official website for instant download of the entire album in MP3 format.
Comes with an exclusive
"Learn-to-Sing Version" as a bonus.

Multiplication of 4(Demo)Miss Ka Foo Times Table Song
00:00 / 00:40
Learn-to-Sing Version DemoMiss Ka Foo Times Table Song
00:00 / 00:31

The "Learn-to-Sing Version" employs the composition technique of "Call and Response," emphasizing and repeating the song content. This enhances the motivation and fun for children to sing along with the lyrics, making it easier for them to memorize the song's content.

Original price: HKD$160
Whole album in MP3: HKD$128
Including Original and Lea
rn-to-Sing Version
Totally 18 MP3 audio files

For any inquiries or collaborations, feel free to contact us via WhatsApp at: (852) 59313470

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